Faulkner county museum

The Faulkner County Museum is based on the concept that only by preserving and presenting our past can we achieve a wise perspective on our future. Faulkner County's recorded history begins in 1873, but years before parts of the area were explored and settled by non-natives. And thousands of years before that, Native Americans hunted and fished in the area, leaving evidence of their presence.

The central theme underlying the museum exhibits is the range of environmental conditions found in Faulkner County and how the inhabitants, from prehistoric to the present, adapted to local conditions. The exhibits include artifacts, equipment, household items, clothing, historic and modern crafts, and photographs. These materials are arranged in a series of educational, attractive and self-explanatory exhibits which are combined on the unifying theme of everyday life in the past.

Exhibits at the museum are constantly being updated and new items are added periodically. Even if you have visited in the past, undoubtedly there's something new and different to see.

Museum hours:
Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

For more information and museum hours, call (501) 329-5918 or write to Faulkner County Museum

P.O. Box 2442

Conway, AR 72033
Email: fcm@conwaycorp.net

Guided tours are available for groups, and the staff is available to answer questions.

The museum is located in the historic old jail on the Faulkner County courthouse grounds on Locust Avenue in Conway, Arkansas.



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